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We install the Viridian Solar In-Roof system, and we think it looks stunning! It provides a more sleek, flush appearance to On-roof (which we also think looks stunning too!) and some customers prefer this. With In-Roof PV, there is less need to consider wind uplift as the wind doesn’t get in behind the array in the same way it would with a raised array and snow loading is not an additional thing to consider as there has been a substantial weight removed from the roof by stripping off the existing roof covering: slates/tiles etc.


In-Roof systems do cost more than On-Roof; however, most agree that the additional cost provides an enhanced finished appearance and all our In-Roof customers to date are delighted that they have opted for this look.

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Ground Mount

Our 2 specialist Screw Pile teams have vast ground works experience. Even if we come up against bedrock, we can drill this with ease to accept the Screw Pile system. Ground Mount has several advantages to roof mounted systems in that the array pitch and orientation can be set to gain optimal Solar PV collection: for instance, facing due South. We have installed these on small-holdings where land is not an issue, and we are in talks with several clients at present who wish to install this in a ‘Solar Farm’ scale; exciting projects to be involved in.

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Perhaps regarded as the more ‘traditional’ way to install Solar PV, On-Roof systems will be less expensive than In-Roof, and this has obvious appeal. We use a specialist and independent structural engineering company to assess wind and snow loading for all installations and a comprehensive 13-page report is produced to say whether the existing roof can take the new array without any structural alterations being necessary. To date, all have been OK, and this includes 100 year-old barn roofs, so your roof will more than likely already be suitable.

There are several options to provide protection against fauna nesting under the PV Modules. The image here shows a particular product called SolaSkirt, which although expensive, many customers love and feel that it provides a sleeker finish. The less expensive ‘bird mesh’ is also popular, as from the ground it is virtually invisible, giving a more natural look.

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Solar Canopy

We were recently asked to supply and fit all the electrical components which would couple to a new Bifacial Solar PV Canopy, which was supplied and fitted by a company called 123v_PLC. This project was a resounding success, and we are surveying more at present and looking forward to being able to offer this alongside our other Solar PV and Battery Storage options. Please get in touch if the Solar PV Canopy would be a suitable option for you, perhaps as a car port, garage etc. and we will work alongside 123v_PLC to provide a bespoke solution for you. The image here shows one of their previous installations and we think you will agree it looks fabulous!

Inverter and Battery Options

We only install the highest quality inverter and battery systems, and experience has taught us this is the path to follow. Of course, these will be more expensive than lower quality options, of which currently there are many, however in the Solar PV and Battery world, if you buy cheap you really do buy twice, and we have many anecdotes to share around this if desired!

In our opinion, the best quality systems around at present are shown below in our recent installation images and are as follows (in no particular order):

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Highly experienced in commercial, industrial and domestic electrical work, from survey and design to installation.

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Our team of plumbers are experienced in all aspects of plumbing form new build to domestic.

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Our Gas Safe engineers cover all aspects of the domestic gas industry from Service & Maintenance to Repair & Installation.

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Highly experienced in Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal and Bio-mass systems.