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Our 2 specialist Screw Pile teams have vast groundworks experience. Even if we come up against bedrock, we can drill this with ease to accept the Screw Pile system. Ground Mount has several advantages to roof mounted systems in that the array pitch and orientation can be set to gain optimal Solar PV collection: for instance, facing due South.

We have installed several of these systems; on small-holdings where land is not an issue, and we are in talks with several clients at present who wish to install this in a ‘Solar Farm’ scale; exciting projects to be involved in.

The example shown here is a 16.6kWp PV Array in Renfrewshire, which is coupled to 2no. Fronius Inverters c/w 16.56kWh BYD Storage Batteries and a Fronius WattPilot Electric Vehicle Charger. The system recently generated over 100kWh in one day (Saturday 1st June 2024).

Around this time of year, the batteries are usually fully charged by midday, which then allows the car to take the excess, and then the home large electrical appliances, such as dishwasher, washing machine, ASHP water heating circuit etc. are programmed to come on to utilise all the generation, after which the clients are paid for their grid export on Octopus’ ‘Flux’ tariff.

The fully charged batteries then supply all the required electricity to run the household through the evening and into the wee-small-hours, ready to begin the cycle over again the following day: perfect!

Please reach out to us (and flick through the gallery images below) for more information, or further images of this/other Ground Mount systems if this is something you are considering. We would be delighted to visit and help plan a similar system for you…