The customer in this project contacted us to help reduce their electricity bill, which was substantial. After discussing their needs and listening carefully to what they did/did not want, we designed this 24 Module, 10.2kWp system. This required a G99 application, something which we take care of from start to finish; liaising with the DNO (in this case Scottish Power).

We supplied and fitted 2no. Fronius Inverters and a 13.8kWh stack of BYD batteries. The batteries charge up during the day with excess Solar PV and that energy can then be delivered into the property in the evening, thus dramatically reducing the amount of energy drawn from the grid.

Further energy savings are achieved with battery storage systems by charging the batteries from the grid (in winter periods of low solar generation) when the cost of electricity is low. This can be achieved by switching to a smarter tariff. An example of such are the tariffs which Octopus Energy offer (others are available!). You may be able to charge the battery for 12-16p / kWh, and then deploy that energy into the home when the cost would be 25 – 30p / kWh. Of course, in spring and summer, you won’t need to grid charge as the sun will do all that for you at no cost!



In Roof Image for Project-min-min

This customer’s main goal was to achieve the sleek look of the integrated / In-Roof style, whilst getting as many PV modules onto the roof, but keeping the installation within the confines of G98.

(Please get in touch if you would like further information / guidance on the differences between G98 and G99).

As you can see, the finish is indeed sleek and they were delighted with the outcome. We used a myenergi 3.68kWp inverter with 10kWh of storage batteries and also installed a myenergi zappi car charger. All of these are seamlessly controlled with the myenergi App, diverting excess Solar generation to charge the batteries and/or the car.

This client is making further energy savings by being on a smart energy tariff and grid-charging the batteries in winter months, at a low energy cost and deploying this stored energy into the home when the energy cost is high.

Ground Mount for projects (1) (1)-min-min

Our client in this project did not have enough suitably orientated roof space available, to make use of a Solar PV array. However, they had a paddock close to the property and therefore asked us to facilitate a ground mounted PV Array.

We are delighted with the outcome as is the client. We hit one or two issues, the main one being bedrock! However, we managed to circumnavigate this by buying a bigger drill…much bigger!

The outcome is a 4.15kWp (‘All Black’) PV array, perfectly orientated South and pitched at an angle of 30 Degrees. This client also opted for the myenergi 3.68kWp Inverter to stay within G98 and they also opted for the 10kWh battery storage.

The main driver for installing all of these renewable energy products was the desire to come off grid gas, which they have managed to achieve by installing an Air-Source-Heat-Pump. The Solar PV array helps to off-set the running cost of this with any excess being used to charge the batteries. They are delighted with the installation overall and are are delighted to be free for imported gas!