We have installed over 300 Air-Source-Heat-Pumps for Maryhill Housing Association, and we have also installed in excess of 40 Dimplex Quantum Heating Installations, to replace outdated and/or defunct Storage Heating.

These installations included a Thermal Store for the tenant’s hot water needs, along with a Dimplex Hub so that the tenants could control their new heating systems via an APP, making their homes more controllable, efficient and saving them money on running costs.


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We have worked closely with Maryhill Housing Association since April 2021, liaising with the Maryhill Team and Residents Association, to ensure our installations are completed to everyone’s satisfaction. From design and initial consultation to installing the systems and handing over to the residents, we endeavoured to provide he highest quality service.

On this project we removed old/defunct storage heaters along with old/defunct water cylinders with electric immersion and replaced these with Mitsubishi Thermal stores along with Stelrad radiator wet systems and Mitsubishi Air-Source-Heat-Pumps to provide more efficient and effective heating and hot water; making the residents more comfortable and enabling them to heat their properties more economically.

In addition, we have provided electrical rewiring for some properties. Maryhill Housing Association were delighted with all of our work, and our commitment to both the installations and the local residents, from whom we received many positive comments.



As well as the Air Source Heat Pump project we have now successfully completed many Quantum High Heat Retention heating installations for Maryhill Housing Association, removing old/defunct storage heaters and water cylinders with electric immersion.

These have been installed in properties with no gas, and this work enables the properties’ EPC rating to rise to C and above, increasing from a starting point of D or below.

As previously stated, Maryhill Housing Association have been delighted with our willingness to go the extra mile, both in terms of our installation practices and our commitment to client satisfaction.